Puerto Rico 2010


Went on this trip with my sister-in-law Liz, two of her sisters and three nieces. This is an annual getaway; I'm the first guy ever to be invited. Everyone else wanted totally unstructured time, last-second decisions on everything. I had to bring my moonlighting project with me and offered no threat.

This is the bay overlooked by our this-is-your-world-never-leave-here resort.


I'd made the reservation months prior and had forgotten I was paying $400 a night per room (the flight was free on tickets, so it worked out). They made it better by upgrading me to a $400/night room, waterfront with private jacuzzis inside and outside, and a conference center-style living room in the rich people's ghetto (pictured).

The proles stay in a megahotel atop the hill.


Funicular from the main hotel


Allison, Kate and Liz waiting for the ferry to the resort's private island.


Liz enjoys the ride


Arriving on the island


There's also trail riding and hiking. Got a workout by swimming the perimeter of the bay.


Kate con coco


Funicular and main hotel. First thing I did on arrival was eat BBQ chicken at the octagonal dockside bar (blue roof) while reading the Mistbourne trilogy. It was all so good I did the same thing every day thereafter.


Leave now. Leave crumbs.


This was the first time I'd seen those cartoon-themed electronic slots. Shocking--can't imagine James Bond playing these. Maybe they figure that if it looks like an arcade game, you're used to feeling like you're getting something for your money.


Evening view of golf course from front of hotel.

Planned to take pics of the funny signs on the way to the airport, but was too tired. One of them was "Hot Condoms" (ow!). Another was "Estadio Olvido de Jesus", which if you glance at it, looks a lot like "The stadium that Jesus forgot."

I didn't see too much of the women, so maybe the'll invite me next year.